Changes in licensing: what you need to know about changes for licensees in Ukraine

31.05.2019 12:49 Oleksandr Gaponov 2958

Ukrainian institutions of higher education are in great demand not only among the indigenous people of the country, but also among foreign guests who appreciate the quality of the knowledge and experience they receive. At the same time, the rather low cost of higher education in Ukraine plays a huge role, which makes our country even more attractive in the eyes of foreigners, since they receive a European education for almost nothing.

The whole problem is that foreigners who arrive in Ukraine for higher education should be trained only in those institutions that have passed the necessary attestation. And in order for the educational license to be successfully issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, it is necessary to comply with all parameters.

Note that in Ukraine there were changes to obtain a license from the Ministry of Education and Science, some of which took effect on May 10, 2018. Changes occurred due to the decision of the Government of Ukraine, which revised the rules adopted in 2015.

How to get a license?

The license is needed for all subjects who wish to conduct educational activities. Let us explain in a rather concise manner how to get the cherished right to conduct educational activities. In order to obtain this license, you need to register the company, which will carry out educational activities. Then the contract is signed with the medical institution, whose employees will cooperate with the educational institution, after which the concept of the institution’s activities is coordinated with the city council. After an agreement is reached with the executive power, the preparation of the transfer of a package of documents to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine is immediately carried out.

Those who do not have time to independently engage in the whole process can contact private companies that assist in obtaining a license. There are a considerable number of them in Ukraine and they all claim to be the most worthy candidate to support the licensee for a separate cash reward.

What changed?

Elimination of certain norms. New rules in licensing have certain differences. In 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine removed from the list of necessary documents evidence of the fact that the room / building where it is being trained meets the sanitary and fire protection standards. Until May 2018, this rule worked.

Strict requirements for the premises. If people with disabilities receive knowledge within the institution, then they should also be accessible to people with limited mobility, and this rule has been gaining effect since 2021.

Changes in the list of documents. In addition, previously it was necessary to submit special documents related to the field of accreditation of educational programs, for example, the curriculum. After the changes, you need to provide only the concept of educational activities in the relevant specialty.

New rules for institutions in which foreigners study. The Ukrainian government has tightened measures for those institutions of higher education, within the walls of which foreign citizens receive education. Now every university (institute, academy) is obliged to have a special department for interaction with foreigners. This department, in particular, deals with the design of invitations for foreign guests to study at a higher education institution. This provides foreign students with the legal right to stay in Ukraine. In addition, all institutions must prove that they have residential premises suitable for foreigners.

Also, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided that one of the members of the project group undertakes to speak a foreign language, namely, English, at a level above the average (B2 - Upper Intermediate). According to the CEFR pan-European system, this is the fourth level in the knowledge (knowledge) of the English language, which was adopted by the Council of Europe. It should be noted that B2 knowledge is quite enough, for example, to work in an English-speaking international company - mainly at a level foreigners for whom English is not their first language, are known to most professionals. But still this basis is not enough for wider use of the language. A change is coming into effect since 2020.

Strict limitation of the number of persons undergoing training. The license indicates the number (maximum possible) of persons who can receive a quality level of education within the walls of an educational institution of higher education. This is necessary so that all students can apply for an appropriate level of knowledge in the specialty in which they are studying. Moreover, these rules also work for other educational institutions - preschool institutions, schools, postgraduate education, and so on.

As we see, work continues in our country to improve the quality and accessibility of higher education. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine emphasizes that from now on all educational institutions should have clear lines when recruiting students so that the audience is not overcrowded, and each of the students can get the necessary knowledge base. The government also listened to foreign students, who partly complained about Ukrainian education, making departments for working with foreign guests, which help interact with foreign citizens, for higher education institutions.