A quarantine was imposed in Ukraine due to the virus COVID-19

11.03.2020 18:20 Oleksandr Gaponov 2308

The Government of Ukraine approved measures that must be taken because of the threat of the epidemic of coronavirus infection in Ukraine and to prevent its spread.

First of all, The Cabinet of Ministers decided to allocate UAH 100 million for the priority purchase of personal protective equipment for the current needs of ministries, departments and services, as well as for replenishment of the state reserve. At the same time, it was decided to ban the export of anti-epidemic goods till June 1, in order to guarantee the provision of the necessary means of protecting the population.

In addition, during the meeting, it was decided to limit the holding of public events in which more than 200 people participate, except those that are related to measures of the state necessity. At the same time, sport events can be held, but only with the permission of special international organizations and without spectators.

Also, the Cabinet of Ministers considered the issue of introducing quarantine in all educational institutions for a period of 3 weeks. At the moment, according to the students of these institutions, the following universities of Kyiv were quarantined: KN, KPI, KNEU, NUBIM, National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”, Boris Grinchenko University of Kyiv, KNTEU, KNUTD, NPU.

Moreover, it was decided to purchase infrared equipment for screening The Boryspil International Airport at a distance.